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My commitment to your satisfaction is my top priority. All the testimonials on my website are genuine, unedited feedback from my clients.

“Brendan Toews has been our photographer and bird-watching expert for the past three years at our annual Youth Summit for Biodiversity. He is well prepared, professional and attentive to our needs, and provides us with a wide range of high quality photographs. We will certainly hire Brendan for future events.”

Dr. Anne Bell, Director of Conservation and Education, Ontario Nature

"Brendan is one of the up and coming stars in the world of nature photography. Through time spent in the field at places like the Long Point Bird Observatory, his knowledge of his subjects is reflected in his art and exhibits a sophistication far beyond his years. I look forward to watching his talent grow in the years to come."

Ron Ridout, Technical Support and Design Specialist, Bird Studies Canada

"We've been delighted by Brendan's portraits of birds which have graced our annual report, blog and newsletters over the years. Brendan has a passion for nature and a respect for wildlife that comes through in his photography, including how he goes about capturing his images – with care for the well-being of his wild subjects. Brendan's nature images have helped Nature Canada in its mission to celebrate and raise awareness of nature in this country."

Chris Sutton, Nature Canada Director of Communications

"As the creative person responsible for the "Beautiful Bruce Peninsula" annual guidebook, Brendan is consistently on my list of top photographers. He has a vast collection of area images with some stunning wildlife and landscape shots. Even more importantly for me, he is both professional and reliable. When I request images for a specific deadline, I know they will arrive on time."

Joy Black, Graphic Designer & Project Manager, New Paradigm Communications

"An up and coming wildlife photographer and naturalist, Brendan has developed his photographic skills over the past few years. Through his knowledge of the natural world, he has proven his ability to focus on the important details of his subjects, capturing both the activity and the essence of each species. My professional dealings with Brendan have always been excellent and I have been pleased to be able to make use of his growing library of high quality digital wildlife images for both my personal and professional projects. I anticipate working with Brendan again on future initiatives."

Brian Morin, Publisher, Ontario Birding News

“The photography that we have used from Brendan has helped us to paint a beautiful picture of what life is like in Bruce County, especially as it relates to the birding product found here. He has a remarkable gift.”

Kim McPhedran, BBA, Tourism Manager, Bruce County

"Brendan provided us with a bold, eye-catching, dynamic image that created a counter mat that drew positive attention for Vortex in retail stores across Canada."

Ken McRory, General Manager, Vortex Canada

"Thanks again for providing Nature Canada with such a great cover photo for our Annual Report. I fell in love with this Whimbrel image when I saw it, and I still love it every time I see it (which has been often during production!). It sets the tone for the entire piece. I hope you have a great summer - looking forward to seeing more of your photos and working with you again."

Katherine Lim, Communications Coordinator, Nature Canada

"Brendan is a gifted photographer. He has provided me with some extraordinary, remarkable and diverse wildlife images that have enhanced my workshops and presentations. The qualities of his pictures are the highest and depict the natural history of his subjects. I know him to be an ethical photographer who avoids any disturbance to his subjects whether they are flora or fauna.

Brendan also has given back to nature with his countless volunteer hours participating hands on in the Piping Plover Project in Southwest Ontario and banding at the bird observatories of Long Point, Prince Edward Point and Innis Point."

Fred Jazvac, Past President of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists, Committee Member of the Huron Fringe Birding Festival, Bruce Birding Club Organizer

"It's been great to watch Brendan grow as a wildlife photographer, as a naturalist, and as a person. I have worked with him during the past four summers as part of the Piping Plover Recovery Program at Sauble Beach. This young man is already an accomplished photographer, birder, and naturalist and yet is willing to share his images and knowledge with anyone who asks. Brendan is focused on his photography, and will forgo the 'perfect picture' if it means hurting the environment or causing stress to the subject. I wish him well in the future and know that his skills, passion, and leadership will give him success with whatever path he chooses."

Stewart Nutt, Past Piping Plover Recovery Project Coordinator, President of the Owen Sound Field Naturalists, Chair of the Friends of MacGregor Point Provincial Park
Whimbrel in Flight

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